FCC Corona Virus Reopening Plan

Please take note that this plan is subject to change at any time due to changes in our local, state, national situations.
(Last updated 6.29.2020)

We want everyone to know a few things from the outset…

1) We love our church family. We are genuinely trying to think about what is best for the body of Christ called Faith Covenant Church.  This is not an exact science by any stretch! 

We are looking at people’s health and safety both in terms of the virus, but also in terms of their spiritual and social needs.  We are doing our best to take the whole person into consideration

2)  We cannot create a plan that is 100% safe.  We have had many discussions about the best path forward and the one thing we all agree on is that there will never be a time when everyone in our church family will feel 100% safe going to church.  We have to do all we can to minimize the risk while balancing that with the need for the church to meet together in community.  We believe the steps we outline below will keep people safe

3)  Please don’t feel any pressure to come to church!  We are only putting the reopening plan together as a way of continuing our ministry in community.  If you are unsure about being around crowds, even if they are spread out, please stay home and watch us on Facebook live

4)  Everything in this plan is subject to change.  This is a very fluid situation we find ourselves in.  Obviously, if we believe there is a higher degree of risk that develops sometime in the future, we will change the plan accordingly.

5)  Several other churches of like size in our city are going to open in May.  While we don’t take our cues from other churches, this, along with the governor’s willingness to let businesses and restaurants open, is something of a motivation to move forward in this arena

Proposed Phase ɪ Reopening  (May 31st – June 21st)   (3 Sundays)

Multiple Sanitizer Stations 

Social Distancing of households through spread out seating

Discourage use of bathrooms

No Children’s Church or Nursery


9:00 am – Seniors Service in Children’s Chapel in FCC Kids Building                                                                         

                                      (ONLY people 60 and above or those with preexisting conditions may attend this service)

10:30 am – Second Service in Catalyst (anyone comfortable being around a larger group of people within CDC guidlines may attend this service)

                                       (YouTube Live Video Stream in Children’s Chapel in FCC Kids Bldg.)


1. We STRONGLY encourage anyone who is feeling sick to stay home.  All members who want to attend services are asked to answer the following questions:

“Am I showing any flu-like symptoms?

“Have I had a fever over 100 degrees in the past 14 days?”

“Is there any medical reason why I believe I shouldn’t be around others?”

2. We STRONGLY encourage anyone who has knowingly come into contact with someone infected with the virus to stay home
3. We will require everyone to sanitize their hands prior to the service
4. We have signs around the buildings encouraging people to clean hands and maintain distance
5. We will not serve coffee, soft drinks, or any food items unless they are prepackaged
6. We will offer prepackaged snacks and activities for children that families can pick up on their way into the service
7. We will ask our housekeeping team to clean THOROUGHLY prior to services.


8. We will put rows of chairs in the café area of the Catalyst and have all chairs in both venues spread out in an “every other row” format per the governor’s guidelines
9. We will tell households that they must put 3 chairs between themselves and another household on any given row and we will discourage physical contact (handshakes, hugs, etc.)
10. We are hopeful we can fit as many as 200 in both of the venues.  If one service or another is not well attended, we will pull the plug on it
11. We will keep the services short and simple (1 hour or less—acoustic guitar or piano only) to discourage people from using the bathrooms and to help younger parents with kids.
12. Seating will be first come-first serve. Please arrive early to ensure you will have a seat. We will have overflow seating in the Children’s Chapel for the 10:30am service where the live stream will be shown on the screen.
13. We will have ushers (likely our elders and deacons) keep an eye on the seating. We will stop traffic into a venue if it gets too crowded to maintain social distancing.  We will politely ask those folks to attend another time slot or attend the video stream service in the Children’s Chapel.
14. When we are dismissed, we will dismiss row by row and open front and back doors to both venues and encourage folks to use both sets of doors to eliminate crowding.  Please be patient and maintain your distance!
15. We will record the teaching time and continue to put this content on Youtube on Mondays for those who can’t or won’t attend a live service.  Folks can also see the 1030 service live on YouTube.