FCC was begun in 1968 by a group of believers primarily from Borger’s First Presbyterian Church who wanted to be distinctly known for a commitment to teaching the Scriptures.  From its creation, FCC has been committed to expository (verse-by-verse) teaching of the Bible in a literal-grammatical-contextual fashion with an emphasis on understanding the meaning of Scripture to its fullest.  This group of people recruited professors from Dallas Theological Seminary to come to Borger on weekends and teach their small, but growing congregation.  FCC was unlike any church the people of Borger had ever experienced.  For many months this church met in homes.  Later, as the church grew, they began to meet in the downtown Borger Hotel and did so for several years.  The church continued to grow and when it was large enough, the church called its first pastor, Dale Younce.  He was a fantastic Bible teacher and the church began to grow even faster.  The church purchased this land and built the current facility in 1975. 

FCC has been an important part of the Borger landscape ever since.

Faith Covenant Church has been known for the entirety of its existence as a church whose confidence is in teaching the Bible as the primary means of sustaining the church’s ministry and mission.

FCC is a Bible church.  That means that we are a completely independent, “un-denominational” faith church.  FCC is not directly connected to any particular denominational hierarchy or organization.  Faith Covenant Church does all the things that denominational churches do, such as support missionaries, but it does so independent from any influence or oversight from a denominational organization.